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About MS Webb

We are a family-owned business, established over 30 years ago by Malcolm Webb originally as a bailiff service working for businesses in Kent.

Today, Malcom’s sons Joe and Greg Webb are at the helm of the business   co-managing the daily operations together and while still in the business of enforcement and bailiff services, we also provide security consultancy and a broad range of property management services to companies throughout England and Wales. 

Our guiding principle of always finding solutions to help our clients, whatever their needs, has meant the natural expansion of our business to offer a diverse and broad range of services.  We also pride ourselves on being capable of resolving the most unusual and often complex issues that businesses can often never foresee facing.  

We have a large client base and team of people we work with but we like to maintain a personal and hands-on approach to working with all our clients. This means whatever size your business is or whatever your needs, you are more than likely to have some contact with either Joe or Greg as they like to get to know the people we work with and what solutions are being provided.

While we employ a regional network of experienced agents and partners to help deliver our services across the country, we still maintain a close family feel to our daily business practices.

Our trusted partners all must pass rigorous vetting procedures before we work with them. This helps us ensure that we have local people sensitive to local issues wherever our clients are based and gives us the capability to provide rapid solutions as needed.

We have a unique, friendly, trustworthy and transparent approach both to working with our clients and their clients too. Wherever possible we seek solutions that work for all concerned and can be employed with minimum fuss, both amicably and efficiently.

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