vacant property security
Vacant Property Security: Why It’s Essential in 2020

According to The Guardian, the number of vacant residential properties in England has risen for the second consecutive year...

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How to Get Rid of Travellers: 2 Legal Ways

A vast expanse of undeveloped land has a lot of potential. You can sell it when the time (and price) is right or develop it...

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Enforcement Update for Commercial Landlords

On September 16th, the government announced a new update about Enforcement rules for commercial property. Support for...

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How to Get Rid of Squatters on Your Property

Squatters make use of property and utilities without permission or payment, leaving landlords to spend money on repairs for...

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COVID-19 Safety Guidance for Enforcement Agents

New Government Guidance on Taking Control of Goods On August 21st, the government published its new COVID-19 health and...

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How to Get Bailiffs Involved in Commercial Rent Recovery

Some sensitive situations require expertise beyond your own. Take debt collecting, for instance. If there is failure to pay...

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Should You Evict Travellers by Yourself? The Experts Say “No.”

As the owner of unoccupied land, you are vulnerable to travellers and squatters taking up residence on your property....

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UK Government Extends Ban on Business Evictions
UK Government Extends Ban on Business Evictions and use of CRAR

The UK Government will be extending its eviction protections for struggling businesses until the end of September due to the...

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How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Trespassers
How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Trespassers

How to Protect Your Vacant Property from Trespassers Without adequate security measures, your vacant real estate...

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Amendments to the taking control of Goods and Certification of Enforcement Agents regulations during the Coronvavirus period
Taking Control of Goods and Enforcement Agent Regulation Updates during Coronavirus Period

Source: Sent from Ministry of Justice to the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association Amendments to the taking control...

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