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Bailiffs in Essex

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Reputable Bailiff Services in Essex


When it comes to asset recovery and property resolution, you can count on our experienced team of bailiffs and security consultants.


For over 25 years, MS Webb have provided reliable enforcement assistance to a diverse set of clients including law firms, private landlords, banks and other business entities. From debt collection to property repossession, we offer a complete suite of bailiff services in Essex and the surrounding areas. Our extensive intelligence network and connections with local law enforcement allow us to resolve each case swiftly and with as little stress as possible.


Our Services


Repossession Services

Our bailiffs are qualified to implement the following forfeiture of commercial lease strategies:

  • Changing the locks on your property
  • Putting up notices of the forfeiture
  • Photographing the premises for evidence
  • Conducting on-site inventory


With our help, commercial property owners can reclaim their Essex property in a quick and stress-free manner.


Security Services

Vacant properties are at risk of theft, trespassing, vandalism, and fly-tipping. Our comprehensive security services come with on-site security officers and dog handlers to ensure maximum safety. We also install concrete barriers to restrict unwanted access.


Trace and Locate Services

Our trusted intelligence system allows us to track down debtors, family members, and absconded tenants or company directors to recover what is due you. Our ‘no trace, no fee’ policy ensures that your interests are always protected.


Clearance Service

We can clear your property of abandoned goods, fly-tipped rubbish, illegally parked vehicles, or your former tenant’s abandoned belongings. If there are any valuable goods left, we can set up an auctioneering service for you.


Rent Recovery

Our reputable bailiffs can assist commercial property owners in collecting unpaid rent from their tenants. We’re highly trained to recover debt quickly and within the limits of the law.


Professional Bailiff Services


MS Webb also offers process serving, high court enforcement, and traveller eviction. We work quickly and efficiently, taking pride in our rapid response protocol. Expect us to carry out enforcement within 24 hours of receiving your call.


View our complete list of bailiff services, or call us on 0844 544 4804 for further enquiries.


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Bailiffs in Essex

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