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Bailiff Services in Birmingham

A Highly Experienced Bailiff in Birmingham

Are you a landlord with properties in the Midlands? You need the support of a highly experienced bailiff right here in Birmingham who can provide you with the enforcement services that you need.

A bailiff is your ally in protecting your assets and ensuring that your properties remain safe and secure. MS Webb & Co. offers a full suite of bailiff services, from collecting overdue rent and tracing debtors, to removing unlawful tenants from your property and much more.

We are certificated bailiffs working in the Birmingham area, with over 25 years of experience in the field. Our experience gives us access to a vast range of resources that allow us to resolve your case in quick and efficient manner.

Our services are swift and reliable -- you can expect us to be on the premises within 24 hours of your call. MS Webb & Co. works closely with local police and handles each situation with the highest level of professionalism.

Our Services

Possession of Property

Your Birmingham property is an investment. Unwanted tenants such as squatters and travellers could greatly affect the value and saleability of your property. Regain control of your property with MS Webb & Co. We will assist you with all types of repossession and removals, from squatter evictions to commercial forfeiture of a lease.

Arrears Recovery Services

MS Webb & Co. provides a cost-effective and efficient way to collect overdue rent. We handle the entire commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) process from start to finish, from the Notice of Enforcement to the repossession of goods. In most cases, we add the fees to the arrears that your tenant must pay.

Security Services

Are you worried about squatters, trespassers or fly-tipping? Prevention may be the answer.

MS Webb & Co. offers a full range of security services, from installing bollards and fences to employing full-time security guards. We keep your property safe and help prevent trespassing and fly-tipping in the future.

Clearance Services

MS Webb & Co. keeps your property free from rubbish and unwanted stock. We provide fly-tipping and abandoned vehicle removal, and auction seized goods on your behalf.

Trace and Locate Services

MS Webb & Co. have access to an extensive intelligence network that allows us to provide reliable trace and locate services. We can help you track down debtors and family members and offer surveillance and undercover work when needed. Let us collect the information you need.

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