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Bailiff Services in Brighton

MS Webb & Co. is here to provide professional bailiff services in Brighton. For anyone struggling with tenants, unauthorised occupants or other property security issues, we can help.

As certified and experienced bailiffs, we have the strategies and resources to find peaceful resolutions to various problems. We deliver results-driven solutions with your best interest in mind.

We know that every case that comes our way is unique, which is why we come up with personalised plans for clients based on their specific concerns and needs.

In our commitment to protecting our client's reputation, we handle each case with the highest level of professionalism. We are tough and firm with our enforcement, but we do things with discretion to give you peace of mind.

Our Range of Services

Possession of Property

MS Webb & Co. offers property repossession services for our clients in Brighton. We handle evictions of unauthorised occupants such as squatters and unwanted livestock. We also take care of forfeiture of commercial lease in a smooth and efficient manner.

Arrears Recovery Services

You have the right to receive money that is owed to you by your tenants. Our experienced team of bailiffs will directly work with you throughout the entire process — from filing Notice of Enforcement to getting your money back from debtors.

Security Services

To prevent future cases of squatting, theft or destruction of property, MS Webb & Co. offers comprehensive security solutions including security officers, security cameras and dog handlers.

Trace and Locate Services

We will help you track down debtors, family members and tenants. Our 'no trace, no fee' policy guarantees that we always protect your interests.

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