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Bailiff Services in Concrete Barriers for Hire in Leeds

Concrete barriers provide a wide range of benefits, from protecting properties to controlling traffic flow.

MS Webb & Co. is the leading supplier and installer of concrete blockades in Leeds and the surrounding communities. Our barriers are ideal for safeguarding lands located in both busy and remote areas. They can also be used to restrict access to private roads and lanes.

Our services include:

  • • Heavy-duty concrete barriers from 2.5 tonnes to 4.5 tonnes
  • • Highway and roadside barriers
  • • Delta blocks
  • • Concrete blockages
  • • Temporary vertical concrete barriers (TVCBs)
  • • Secure locking systems

Because they’re made of concrete, our barriers tend to be stronger than most light wire fences. This means it will be impossible for trespassers to overcome them with just a pair of pliers. Even large vehicles will not be able to simply enter and exit your property.

Flexible and High-Quality Blocks & Bollards

Our concrete barriers for hire and sale benefit both commercial and industrial clients. We can customise barrier shapes, sizes, and weights according to your specific needs. Some of the common uses of concrete blocks are:

  • • Traffic flow management
  • • Crowd management during events
  • • Defining entry and exit points
  • • Limiting access to an area
  • • Protecting the landscaping of an area

If you have a commercial premises or plot of land you wish to limit entry to, heavy concrete barriers can be placed to block access points and stop vehicles from entering the site. They can prevent common nuisances associated with trespassing such as vandalism, theft, and fly-tipping.

Additionally, physical barriers can be used to delineate roads and parking areas for smoother traffic flow. They also offer protective fencing solutions for construction sites and hazardous areas.

Why Choose MS Webb & Co.

For over 25 years, our team has put safety and efficiency at the core of our operations. As trusted security consultants and barrier installers, we thrive to deliver fast and efficient solutions to our clientele, from private projects to complex industrial developments.

No tricks or additional costs, just your safety and best interests at heart.

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