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From outstanding debt collection to the removal of unlawful occupants, MS Webb & Co. offers a full suite of bailiff services. We have over 25 years of experience working as certificated bailiffs. If you need assistance in Leeds, we have the expertise and know-how to handle a wide range of cases.

As a trusted bailiff and security consultant company, we uphold the highest level of service and strive to provide peaceable solutions to your case. Our team of bailiffs are friendly and sympathetic -- we listen to any concerns that you may have and tailor our approach to your unique situation. This allows us to devise an effective enforcement strategy.

We are available on call day and night and respond quickly and efficiently. We can be on the premises within 24 hours of your call.

Here is what MS Webb & Co. can do for you:

Our Services

Possession of Property

If you have property occupied by travellers, squatters or even unwanted livestock, MS Webb & Co. can help you regain control of your property. We handle evictions and livestock removals of all types, working closely with local law enforcement to remove illegal occupants. We also handle forfeiture of lease for commercial properties.

Arrears Recovery Services

If you have money that is owed to you, whether is rent or any kind of debt; you are entitled to receive it. We are experienced bailiffs in Leeds who have all the necessary resources to recover what is owed to you. In the majority of cases, we will charge the cost of enforcement on the debtor by adding our fees to the arrears that they have to pay.

Security Services

Prevent future cases of squatting, illegal traveller encampments and car cruises with security solutions from MS Webb & Co. We can install all types of security measures for you, including height restrictors, concrete blocks and fencing. We can also deploy on-site security officers and dog handlers overnight, on weekends, or 24/7.

Clearance Services

MS Webb & Co. provides a varied range of clearance services for your property. We can clean up flytipping, abandoned goods, and illegally parked vehicles on your property. We can also provide assistance for auctioning seized or abandoned goods that still retain some value.

Trace and Locate Services

MS Webb & Co. provides trace and locate services to help you track down debtors, family members and absconded tenants or company directors. We have a 'no trace, no fee' policy in place so that we can ensure that your interests are always protected.

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