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Bailiff Services in Nottingham

MS Webb & Co. offers reliable bailiff and security services in Nottingham. We have a highly skilled team of bailiffs and security officers equipped with the resources and expertise to protect and recover your assets.

We leverage an extensive intelligence network and various contacts in law enforcement to resolve cases throughout England and Wales. Whether you are in need of enforcement or consultancy services, you can rely on our team to meet your requirements.

Our process begins by obtaining a full picture of your situation to let us determine the appropriate course of action. Our bailiffs will then arrive within 24 hours of initial contact to prevent delays and ensure that your case is resolved as soon as possible.

Our Services

We offer a full range of bailiff and security services to our Nottingham clients. Our specialisations include:

Possession of Property

Maintaining the value and integrity of your property is vital to ensuring the maximum return on your investment. Illegal settlers and trespassers can be a major nuisance not only to you but your neighbours and guests. We provide firm and professional eviction services to help you regain full rights over your property, in compliance with established laws and regulations.

Arrears Recovery Services

There will be times when landlords will encounter tenants who circumvent their payment responsibilities. Our bailiffs will help you collect your arrears from troublesome debtors. To bolster your financial situation, we will add the cost of enforcement to your debtor’s arrears.

Security Services

We will help you safeguard your assets as well. Our well-trained and highly equipped security guards serve to give you total peace of mind.

Clearance Services

Our bailiffs can perform fly-tipping removal, abandoned vehicle removal and livestock removal services for Nottingham clients. We clear your property of any unwanted elements.

Trace and Locate Services

Some debtors flee if they are unable to fulfil their payment obligations. Should you find yourself in such a situation, our bailiffs are more than happy to help you track your debtor. With our extensive intelligence network, we can locate any ‘missing’ tenants with ease.

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