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Legal situations require prompt and proper action. Don’t entrust your legal paperwork to just anyone. Work with a professional process server to make sure documents reach the right people on time.

MS Webb & Co. is an established consultancy company that you can trust. We provide expert bailiff and security solutions throughout the UK. Our process servers in Barnsley are trained to file, serve and retrieve your legal paperwork.

Why Hire A Process Server?

Any delays to the delivery of legal documents have consequences. From prolonging the process to invalidating the case, there are several risks involved with not delivering legal paperwork in a timely manner. Hiring a professional process server helps prevent these scenarios.

Process servers have the training and tools to gather pertinent information about the parties on the receiving end of legal paperwork. They will track down the whereabouts of recipients so documents are dispatched in a timely manner. These include subpoenas, injunctions, divorce documents and even eviction notices.

How MS Webb & Co. Helps You

MS Webb & Co. has been providing our specialised services for over 25 years. Our team of process servers can administer the legal tasks you need accomplishing. Aside from delivering legal documents, they can file and retrieve court documents for you. We provide a certificate of service or an affidavit once a service has been completed. Either of these serves as legal proof that your documents have been received by the concerned parties.

We believe that everyone is entitled to fair legal assistance. Our fees are priced competitively, based on the hourly rate of the enforcement agent and tasks involved. These can further be amended when you choose to personalise the service.

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