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Navigating your way through court matters, particularly with the myriad of legal documents, requires patience, understanding and the expertise of a professional. To start procedures, legal documents explaining the legal matter are delivered to the involved party, often the defendant. A variety of legal documents can be served, including the following:

Solicitor’s letter: a legal letter written by the sender’s solicitors warning of court action if the issue remains unresolved.

Statutory demand: a request for a business or person to settle their debts with the demand issuer. Although no minimum debt level is set, the nominal sum of £750 is set by creditors for companies and £5,000 for individuals. If the debts are not paid, then the company can be issued a winding up order and the individual can be given a bankruptcy petition. The statutory demand is often a final option after previous attempts to notify the debtor have failed. If a statutory demand is served without following strict government insolvency rules, the court can stop any further proceedings.

Divorce petitions: the petitioner seeking a divorce files a petition, now known as a matrimonial order. Two copies of the petition are sent to the nearest divorce court. A third copy is submitted if the divorce is caused by adultery and the name of the other partner is known. The court sends out the matrimonial order and all documentation to the identified respondent or respondents for completion. The respondent must return an acknowledgment of service form.

Preliminary injunction orders: issuing of an order from the courts during the legal process of an administrative case that requires a party or third party to refrain from doing something. This may include a restraining order stopping someone from attempting to communicate with the issuer.

Following the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), any documents that come from legal proceedings must be served and explained clearly to the recipient. This is the job of a process server ‒ who serves legal and other official documents to the respondent on your behalf. The role of the process server ensures that legal proceedings can progress in a smooth and orderly fashion. They clearly explain the legal requirements involved and provide proof that the document concerned was delivered and handed to the correct person at the given address.

The process server requires duplicate copies of the document to be served; one copy is given to the respondent and the second copy is returned with proof that the first copy was successfully received and acknowledged. This proof of service includes a sworn Affidavit, Statement of Service or Certificate of Service, depending on the type of document served. Each proof of service identifies the time, date and place. As well as private individuals, typical clients using process servers include solicitors, government, insurance companies, businesses and charities.

If you’re in Birmingham and need a process server, contact MS Webb & Co. Our process servers covering the Birmingham area serve legal documents to the intended recipient promptly, in accordance with the CPR rules and with any additional special instructions.

With our efficient process serving procedure, you can rest assured that court orders and other legal documents are delivered on time and correctly.

The Benefits of Hiring a Process Server

The need for process servers depend on the type of case you’re involved in. Typically, serious cases involving needing someone to appear in court require a process server. But how do they actually benefit you, apart from having someone professional to serve legal documents on your behalf?

Some of the main benefits of hiring a process server are:

Speed of Service

When involved in court cases, the prompt serving of legal documents is important. This is especially true if you have an impending court hearing or in the pre-litigation discovery process. In England and Wales, for example, a summons from the court must be served as soon as possible and at a reasonable time before the initial hearing.

As a responsible claimant, it is your duty to ensure that any legal document is served to the defendant on time. MS Webb & Co. has a network of process servers across England and Wales so you know that someone is available to serve legal documents when needed, wherever the location.

Knowledge of the Law

Process servers at MS Webb & Co. have a thorough and well-practised knowledge about the rules of Civil Procedure, as well as the laws regarding the proper serving process. They know how to serve papers to people in different jurisdictions and how to fill out an Affidavit of Service or other notice of service documents, to prove that they executed the process serving properly.

This innate knowledge on the ins and outs of the law is essential to ensure that every process involving your case is legally well done.


Process servers generally have a high success rate, meaning they serve court orders effectively. At MS Webb & Co. our process servers have flexible work hours so we meet with addressees, including weekends if necessary, to track down elusive respondents. What’s more, they follow a prompt and professional process, ensuring that you are apprised of the development at all times.

A Reliable Team of Process Servers

With over 25 years of experience, bailiffs at MS Webb & Co. have sufficient knowledge and understanding of how the law works. This kind of expertise allows us to ensure that your legal documents are dealt with in full confidence and are served in a timely manner.

Our team’s expertise also allows us to properly perform the processes below:

• Serving legal documents

• Retrieving legal documents

• Filing court papers

• Completing an Affidavit of Service

Why Work with MS Webb & Co.

MS Webb & Co. has a wide network of dedicated bailiffs and agents, ready to serve legal documents throughout England and Wales. Our swift and efficient process serving comes at a competitive price, with flexible fee structure.

These characteristics have made us one of the most trusted process servers in the region. Contact MS Webb & Co. today and learn more about how we can help you.

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