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Bailiff Services in Why Hire Professional Process Servers in Brighton?

When faced with a legal situation, prompt and proper processing of documents is a must. A professional process server ensures that the legal paperwork is delivered to the other party in a timely and efficient manner.

MS Webb & Co. is home to excellent process servers in Brighton. With over 25 years of experience, we deliver results-driven solutions with your best interest in mind. Our firm has worked with a broad range of clients such as private landlords, banks, law firms, pension funds, building societies, and other establishments.

Why Hire A Process Server?

Failure to hand over the legal documents properly can delay or even invalidate your case. Hiring a professional process server prevents this risk and guarantees prompt and correct delivery of pertinent documents to the other party. Documents typically dispatched by process servers include eviction notices, divorce documents, injunctions, and subpoenas.

Process servers are trained to identify the whereabouts and contact information of individuals who are hard to track down. They also administer records and collect signatures to ensure that legal proceedings go smoothly.

How Can MS Webb & Co. Help You?

MS Webb & Co. is supported by highly experienced process servers. Book an appointment today and one of our experienced servers accommodate your needs in no time. Once the papers are delivered, you will receive a certificate of service, statement of service, or a sworn affidavit.

Our process servers have the methods and resources to find peaceful resolutions to various problems. We manage a wide array of court orders and legal documents including:

• Claim forms

• Summons

• Petitions

• Injunction orders

• Tenant and landlord lease breaks

We provide successful process serving at a competitive price. We’re available 24/7 for all your legal needs in Brighton. Contact us online or give us a call at 0844 544 4804.

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