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Bailiff Services in MS Webb & Co’s Process Serving in Bristol

When an individual is required to go to court, a court date is arranged and legal documents are served. The law states that the defendant must be notified of the action against them personally. Not just anybody can distribute the paperwork, so the services of a process server may be required.

At MS Webb & Co, we can undertake your process serve instructions in Bristol. With our years of experience, we offer reliable service through our highly skilled and professional network of process servers.

How Can a Process Server Help You?

A process server conducts a variety of tasks, such as filing court documents, as well as serving and retrieving legal papers. For legal businesses and collection companies, hiring a process server is helpful when the case is not in their immediate area. Instead of having someone on your staff be away for a day or two to serve the documents, a process server finishes the task on your behalf.

With their expertise, process servers are trained to locate individuals involved in court cases and deliver the legal documents to them. They maintain accurate delivery records for all the documents they handle, including signatures. They also ensure that they perform their duties within the boundaries of the law.

Our Process at MS Webb & Co

With our professional process servers at MS Webb & Co, you can focus on your business knowing that your legal documents will be served on time. After setting an appointment, one of our experienced process servers will attend to your requirements accurately and promptly. Once they serve the papers, they will send you a certificate of service, statement of service or a sworn affidavit.

We handle every type of legal process, including:

• Bankruptcy and winding-up petitions

• Claim forms, summons and writs

• Family claim and children proceedings

• Statutory demands

• Witness summons

For process serving in Bristol, let MS Webb & Co help. Call 0844 544 4804 today.

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