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Bailiff Services in Professional Process Servers in Cardiff

Many legal firms and collection companies encounter cases outside of their immediate area. The distance makes it a challenge to serve and retrieve legal documents, as well as file court papers and complete an affidavit of service.

Process servers provide fast litigation support by completing a process on behalf of their clients. For professional process servers in Cardiff, choose MS Webb & Co. We have over 25 years of experience, giving us a deep knowledge and understanding of legal processes.

Benefits of Hiring a Process Server:

Serving all kinds of legal documents

Leave matters concerning court filing and document retrieval and issuance to us. We serve a variety of legal documents, including:

• Child support custody

• Divorce petitions

• Preliminary injunction orders

• Solicitor's letter

• Statutory demand

Our process server hands the papers to the recipient and explains the legal requirements involved. Depending on the type of document served, you’ll receive a sworn affidavit, statement of service or certificate of service as proof that the papers were successfully received and acknowledged.

Why choose MS Webb & Co

Knowledge of the Law

Our extensive experience ensures that your documents are served according to the rules of civil procedure and the process for proper serving.

Rapid Response

We find someone to serve your documents when needed, wherever the location.


Find out the status of your legal documents through regular reports from our process servers.

Wide Network

Our professional connections provide a quick and effective solution for your civil, judicial and legal needs.

Competitive Fees

Save your firm money with our flexible fee structure.

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Get your legal documents served quickly and promptly with MS Webb & Co’s process server. Contact us to learn more about our services by filling out our form. You can also reach us on 0844 544 4804.

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