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Bailiff Services in Professional Process Servers in Leeds

When processing legal documents for court matters, leaving it to the professionals provides you peace of mind. At MS Webb & Co, our process servers in Leeds will handle your documents and court matters efficiently, on time and on budget.

The Benefits of Hiring a Process Server

A process server is not required for every legal matter, although they come in handy when the case is outside your immediate area. Acquiring the services of a process server minimises issues you might encounter in a legal matter. Process servers make sure that everything is done by the book and in a timely manner.

Faster Service

Summons in England and Wales must be served within a reasonable time before a hearing can occur. Hiring a process server ensures that your legal documents are served on time, improving your chances of pursuing legal action.

Legal Expertise

Reliable process servers have a strong legal background and they can guide you throughout the legal process. They understand the local law requirements, so they know what to do to avoid court order violations.


Process servers help maintain the privacy of their clients and ensure they accurately process the legal documents on time.

Working with Process Servers from MS Webb & Co

With over 25 years of experience, MS Webb & Co has extensive legal knowledge that we use to serve the best interests of our clients. Our expertise and experience mean that we handle all legal issues to maximise a favourable outcome.

Our process servers can help you handle the following legal documents:

• Divorce Petitions

• Preliminary injunction orders

• Solicitor's letter

• Statutory demand

Our team serves and retrieves the documents, files them in court and completes an affidavit of service on your behalf. We carry out our tasks smoothly and professionally for the best chance of a swift legal outcome.

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