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Court matters can be complex. This becomes all too apparent when legal documents have to be processed. In most cases, this is best performed by professionals who have the understanding expertise and patience to follow the procedure correctly and in the most timely manner. Different situations call for different documents and these include the following:

Solicitor’s letter: This is normally the first legal action that can be taken. A solicitors letter carries the gravity that court action can ensue if an issue is not addressed.

Statutory demand: This can be issued to either a business or a an individual and requests that a debt be settled. There is no minimum amount that can be set, however for individuals, a usual sum of £5,000 is set and the nominal sum for a business is £750. Failure to respond adequately to this demand could result in a company closing or an individual having to file for bankruptcy. It is important to take note that this demand not being served according to the strict regulations governing insolvency, potentially leads to the court stopping further proceedings.

Divorce petitions: A matrimonial order legally initiates the process of one partner who wishes to divorce. Multiple copies of the petition could be required depending on specifics. Should there be a third party involved and adultery is the reason cited for the divorce then three copies are required. Only two copies are required otherwise both of which are sent to court.

Preliminary injunction orders: This is a preventative order which restrains a party from a form of action during legal proceedings. There is a broad range of actions which can be prohibited including preventing the issued party from making contact with the issuer.

A process server is person delivers or serves the documents to recipients. They ensure that the process is done in the correct manner, which is important so that the legal process is not compromised. They will serve the petition to the right person at the right address, explain the requirements involved and obtain the proof that the document was served. This ensures that the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) are adhered to.

With duplicate copies of an order, one is given to the recipient and the other is returned along with proof of a successful delivery to the recipient. The proof of a successful service of the documents can be a Certificate of Service, Statement of Service or even an affidavit, depending on what type of documentation is issued. Process servers are used not only by solicitors, but also by businesses, charities, insurance companies and governments.

MS Webb and Co have process servers covering the Liverpool area. They are professional, orderly and prompt, making sure that (CPR) rules are followed, and protecting your interests in any legal action you may be involved in. If there are special instructions that need to be considered, they will accommodate these to the best interests of the issuer.

Do you need a Process Server?

A process server is not required for every legal matter, however, many cases where a court appearance is required by a party will require a process server. It may seem a straightforward enough role but acquiring the services of a process server could save issuers difficulties later in a legal matter.

Some of the main benefits of hiring a process server are:

Speed of Service

Timeliness is very important in legal disputes. Wherever in England and Wales, a summons must be served within reasonable time before a hearing. This is a crucial step before any further court action or litigation occurs. Failure to supply a service notification endangers the prospects of anyone who wishes to pursue a legal action.

Knowledge of the Law

This is where process servers can really make a difference. Their knowledge and experience means that nothing is left to chance and nothing is overlooked. They will serve their notice, in a timely manner, acquire the correct proof of service and ensure that legal proceedings are not compromised.

Experience is especially beneficial when issuing documents as resistance and hostility are not uncommon.


At MS Webb & Co. our process servers can be relied upon. Our network include servers who work flexible hours. This makes it easier to serve during difficult times to difficult to get hold of recipients. At all times you will be kept updated on the progress of your issue as our process servers follow specific procedures on how a document is issued.

Process Servers Who Can Be Relied Upon

MS Webb & Co. have over 25 years of experience as bailiffs. We have an intimate knowledge of how the law works and how best to serve the interests of our clients. Our expertise and experience means that your legal issue is dealt with in manner which most conducive to a favourable result for you.

Ms Webb & Co. can help with the following:

• Serving legal documents

• Retrieving legal documents

• Filing court papers

• Completing an Affidavit of Service

These seemingly straightforward actions must still be handled with care and professionalism. Process servers carry out this their tasks to make sure of a smooth process and the best chance of a swift legal outcome.

Why Work with MS Webb & Co.

At MS Webb & Co, we have process servers and bailiffs ready to serve legal documents or perform bailiff services anywhere throughout England and Wales. Our affordable rates are also available with flexible fee structures so you can access our services for swift and efficient legal resolutions.

MS Webb & Co have built a reputation for efficient, trustworthy and effective bailiff and process server services. Why not contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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