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Bailiff Services in Why Hire Professional Process Servers in London?

One of the steps in taking legal action is to inform the other party that you are serving them with papers. When the defendant is not served properly, chances are, the court will not allow the case to move forward. This is where our process servers come in.

MS Webb & Co. has highly trained process servers in London with over 25 years of practical experience handing over legal documents including divorce petitions, solicitor’s letter, statutory demand and preliminary injunction orders. Our vast range of knowledge and resources allows us to distribute legal papers swiftly and appropriately.

In most legal situations, acquiring the service of process servers is highly beneficial to issuers. Although not mandatory, it can facilitate the progress of your own legal case in the following ways:

Faster service

Legal proceedings are time-sensitive. Failure to deliver documents promptly can delay and affect the results of your case. Our process servers make certain that useful information is gathered and documents are delivered on the dot.

Legal Knowledge

Process servers are knowledgeable about various federal and provincial law requirements. They assist clients in making informed decisions that adhere to legal limits. They also make sure that court order violations do not occur.


Aside from serving legal documents, process servers also handle document filing, skip tracing, due diligence searches, and lawsuit research. Our team follows strict procedures on document issuance to ensure a seamless process serving.

Why Choose MS Webb & Co.?

When it comes to process serving, our firm has built an effective process from document distribution to completing an Affidavit of Service. We handle each situation anywhere in England and Whales with the highest level of competence and professionalism.

Working alongside our trained process servers will ensure that all your legal needs are accommodated. Contact us online or at 0844 544 48044 for a free consultation.

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