George, Property Owner

"Greg and the team did a fantastic job first removing travelers from our grounds and preventing any further squatters entering our property with the use of their security services"

Juliet, Commercial Landlord

"MS Webb were able to recover overdue rent from my tenants in a very quick and efficient manner. I would highly recommend their services."

Chris, Landlord

"The MS Webb team repossessed my property in both a cost effective and timely fashion. I am extremely grateful for the service they provided."

Eric, Business Owner

"We had an huge amount of abandoned stock in our premises which MS Webb were able to help advise the best route to remove whilst making sure all legal measures were considered. An excellent service from a great family run business"

Mike, Land Owner

"In the past we have had trouble with travelers on our land, so we enlisted the help of MS Webb, who have been exceptional in their ability to provide high quality and effective measures to stop this happening again."

Tim, Director, Shopping Centre

“You know exactly what you are getting from Malcolm, Greg & their team. A service that is carried out ensure to a high standard with communication all the way through”

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