CCTV and Intruder Alarm System Installation

CCTV and Intruder Alarm System Installation

Vacant properties present significant security challenges that must be addressed in a timely fashion to prevent the property from falling victim to squatters, fire, metal theft and other types of criminal activity.


Some property owners opt for traditional security guards or live in guardians who legally occupy the premises. But there is another option that does not require anyone entering or occupying your residential or commercial property: CCTV and intruder alarm system installation.

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Intruder alarm systems and CCTV system installation provide state of the art, round the clock security including night vision, motion sensors and remote viewing. If an alarm is triggered our monitoring centre will immediately dispatch a response team to the site to investigate.


Your vacant property is never truly vacant as we have eyes on the ground throughout as well as cutting edge motion detectors that act as guard dogs to alert us of nefarious activity. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our comprehensive indoor and outdoor protection, and you won’t have to empty your bank account to pay for it.


A Range of Security Options for Home and Business


MS Webb offers a range of security plans that begin with professional installation and leverage the best in digital imaging, motion detection and other technologies. With rapid response teams always at the ready, your home or business is wrapped in an invisible layer of protection against all manner of threats.


Private homes, commercial properties large and small, construction sites and more will all benefit from CCTV system installation from MS Webb. The installation process is simple and quick, the number of cameras and sensors is up to you, and as soon as installation is complete the system goes online securing your property.


Don’t Wait for Trouble to Find Your Property


Vacant properties are an irresistible magnet for thieves, squatters and other fringe elements. The longer you leave your property unguarded, the greater the chances of attracting trouble. Contact MS Webb today to learn more about CCTV and intruder alarm system installation for your home or business.

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