Concrete Blocks / Bollards

Concrete Blocks / Bollards

MS Webb & Co. are your trusted security consultants and enforcement agents, providing quality concrete blocks and bollards for your property.


There are multiple risks for having an unsecured, vacant property, such as fly tipping, trespassing and squatting. Concrete blocks and bollards will help secure your property from misuse, especially from infractions such as unauthorised parking.

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Our blockades are ideal for securing sites, especially in remote and unguarded areas. You can also use them as barriers on private roads.


Our concrete blocks/bollards services include:


All of our barriers are available either for hire or purchase. Concrete barriers may be either temporary or permanently installed.


Secure Property and Roadside Solutions

MS Webb & Co. can provide lasting solutions to secure both property and roads. It is simply one of the most cost-effective measures to protect your property should other options be unavailable.


Vacant lots, car parks and forecourts are especially at risk of trespassing and squatting — there are those who may be looking to illegally set up camp in the area, park their car without permission, or use the space for storage and dumping.


Unauthorised entry brings with it a slew of problems, including theft, littering and vandalism. A solid, reliable barrier will be able to keep unwanted vehicles and visitors from your car parks and lots and minimise any mess associated with it.


From concrete barriers to TVCBs, MS Webb & Co allows you to protect your assets and save money on cleaning and repairs.

We have worked with the London police as well as environmental and land-based sectors. We are approved highway installers of concrete roadside barriers and are Lantra qualified.


We complete each installation exactly according to your instructions. We handle the entire process from start to finish, providing transportation, lorry offload, crane placement, forklift installation and more.


Here are some of the areas we can provide with concrete blocks:


Birmingham: Concrete Blocks Birmingham

Bournemouth: Concrete Blocks Bournemouth

Bradford: Concrete Blocks Bradford

Brighton: Concrete Blocks Brighton

Bristol: Concrete Blocks Bristol

Canterbury: Concrete Blocks Canterbury

Cardiff: Concrete Blocks Cardiff

Christchurch: Concrete Blocks Christchurch

Cornwall: Concrete Blocks Cornwall

Coventry: Concrete Blocks Coventry

Croydon: Concrete Blocks Croydon

Derby: Concrete Blocks Derby

Devon: Concrete Blocks Devon

Dorset: Concrete Blocks Dorset

Essex: Concrete Blocks Essex

Exeter: Concrete Blocks Exeter

Gloucester: Concrete Blocks Gloucester

Hampshire: Concrete Blocks Hampshire

Hull Concrete Blocks Hull

Kent: Concrete Blocks Kent

Lancaster: Concrete Blocks Lancaster

Leeds: Concrete Blocks Leeds

Leicester: Concrete Blocks Leicester

Liverpool: Concrete Blocks Liverpool

London: Concrete Blocks London

Manchester: Concrete Blocks Manchester

Newcastle: Concrete Blocks Newcastle

Norwich: Concrete Blocks Norwich

Nottingham: Concrete Blocks Nottingham

Peterborough: Concrete Blocks Peterborough

Plymouth: Concrete Blocks Plymouth

Portsmouth: Concrete Blocks Portsmouth

Sheffield: Concrete Blocks Sheffield

Southampton: Concrete Blocks Southampton

Stoke-on-Trent: Concrete Blocks Stoke-on-Trent

Surrey: Concrete Blocks Surrey

Swindon: Concrete Blocks Swindon

Yorkshire: Concrete Blocks Yorkshire


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