County Court Judgements (CCJ)

County Court Judgements (CCJ)

MS Webb & Co. helps you recover your debt through County Court Judgements (CCJ). CCJ is ideal for cases where you and your debtor have failed to reach an agreement and legal action is required.


We have over 25 years of experience as certificated bailiffs and enforcement agents. We understand the full extent of the County Court’s regulations and can help you navigate the process with ease.


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County Court Judgement Process

CCJ is the process of taking court action against the person who owes you money. We can help you draft the initial County Court claim, which we will deliver to your debtor on your behalf. Upon receiving the notice, they will have 14 days to respond before we take action.


Upon receiving a claim, you debtor may choose to respond in several ways. They may either choose to admit to the claim and agree to your conditions, file a defence if they disagree, or decide to submit an Acknowledgement of Service. An Acknowledgment of Service indicates that they intend to defend the claim but require more time to draft their defence.


The CCJ document will detail the terms under which your debtor will repay what they owe you. This will include a monthly repayment rate set by the court. If the debtor does not respond, you may enter a judgement against them.


Debtor who does not keep to the terms of a CCJ may receive a Warrant of Execution, which will allow us to take bailiff action. This process will include seizing goods to repay the debt. The court may also issue a Charging Order to secure their property.


Alternatively, the court can issue an Attachment of Earnings Order. In this case, the debtor’s employer will deduct the money that is owed to you from their wages.


We handle the entire CCJ process from start to finish. Contact MS Webb & Co. today to learn more. We are standing by for your instructions.


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