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Vacant properties can act as a magnet for squatters and vandals. Broken windows can also pose a serious hazard to public safety and invite unauthorised entry. That, in turn, can lead to all manner of destructive, antisocial behaviour. We offer quick and efficient emergency boarding up services, temporary boarding services, and a 24-hour emergency board up service wherever you are nationwide.

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Our emergency boarding up services prevent forced entry and protect the public from broken windows. They also protect the windows on your vacant building from falling victim to vandalism, protect shopfronts in the case of civil unrest, and much more.


Should squatters gain entry to your vacant property, it can be difficult and expensive to have them removed. The best course of action is to call MS Webb and take advantage of our emergency board up services before the word gets out that your property is a rent-free haven.


Protect the Value of Your Property


Even disused buildings have significant value and can be repurposed or renovated in the future to make them market worthy again. However, if you allow people free entry to the property during a dormant period they could do so much damage as to render the building or buildings effectively worthless. Our boarding up service can prevent that.


A Variety of Affordable Emergency Boarding Up Services


Securing your property from mischief or misuse does not have to drain your bank account. We offer an array of cost-effective boarding up options including wood or steel panels, attractive and highly-secure perforated window screens, security doors with multiple locks and more. You’ll rest easy knowing your vacant properties, business premises, or other structures are safe and secure.


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When it comes to empty buildings, the stakes are high and the risks for trouble are great. Don’t wait until squatters have occupied your vacant building, or someone has injured themselves on a broken window to act. Contact MS Webb and request our emergency boarding up services. Your property can be locked up safe and secure by this time tomorrow.


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