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Empty lots and properties are susceptible to illegal occupancy, not just by trespassers and vandals but also fly traders. More recently, fly traders set up shop even in prominent properties. While these people may seem harmless, what they are doing is illegal and can affect your business or the value of your property.


MS Webb & Co. provides a solution to this problem with our fly trader eviction services. With our help, you may clear your property of fly traders quickly and efficiently.

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The Fly Trader Problem


Fly trading is rampant in the country, with fly traders taking up local high streets and breaking into empty commercial units. They turn these spaces into an area where they can sell goods illegally.


Fly trading can hurt other business establishments near them that sell products legally. As fly traders do not have to pay overhead, like rent and utilities, they can sell their wares for considerably lower than other retailers offer. It also happens in empty car parks, where some fly traders sell used cars.


MS Webb & Co. has been providing security services for over 25 years. You may turn to us to evict fly traders using your property. Our experienced security agents are trained to escort illegal occupants out of your property or premises.


Fly Trader Eviction by MS Webb & Co.


MS Webb & Co. will work with you and the local police to get rid of fly traders from your property. Our fly trader eviction services include:


With these services, you may regain control of your property once again. Our security agents and bailiffs make sure to carry out the process of fly trader eviction efficiently and amicably.


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