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Live-in Security Guard

Live-in Security Guard for Empty Properties

If you have a property that is likely to be unoccupied for an extended period of time, a live-in security guard is the smart way to protect it against vandals, squatters and a range of other illegal activities.

Vacant properties are common targets for all types of unlawful activity but hiring standard security guards who rotate out in shifts can often be prohibitively expensive. 

A live-in security guard has a license to legally occupy the premises in a security capacity. When security is no longer needed, that right to occupy automatically expires and the live-in guardian moves on.

The live-in security guard is an ideal choice for those who split their time between homes, or for landlords who have decided for whatever reason, to leave a property vacant for a time. As long as the live-in guard is present, squatters have no legal right to enter the property.

Having someone living on the premises full-time also keeps would-be vandals and thieves at bay, and there is always someone to allow access to contractors or others authorised by the property owner. Vacant property security guards also conduct meter readings, make regular tours of the property and alert authorities to any suspicious behaviour.

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