Preventing Boy Racers (Car Cruises)

Preventing Boy Racers (Car Cruises)

Over the last couple of years, we have noticed a rise of instructions, where landowners have boy racers turning up on their land early evening for a “car meet”.   These often can cause problems for local businesses, and can also be intimidating for staff and customers.     The cost involved for landowners to clear up mess and repair/refurbish car parks and road ways that have tyre skid marks all over them, making the road markings impossible to see, can be significant.


When a landowner contacts us with this problem, we take a look at plans of the site/land and then advise the landowner the best way to stop this from happening.   We usually advise to deploy security officers to the site to have access control and or lock down the site where possible.


On retail parks and trading estates where business are operating, we out in place a man power access control system, whereby vehicles are monitored going an out of the site.   If vehicles look to be those of “boy racers” and not of genuine interest to the businesses on site, then we refuse access.

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Where the sites do not require access, or the businesses are all closes for the evening, we lock down the site and ensure no access to any vehicles unless authorised to contractors, delivery or night staff.


Should we arrive on a site where boy racers are on site, we will ask them to leave, and refuse any further access.  Also, if any reckless behaviour or damage has been caused, then we will photograph/video evidence where possible, and note down vehicle registrations involved and contact the police.


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