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Process Serving

If someone owes you money, whether they are a tenant or a debtor, or maybe even some other party, it is important to give them sufficient notice before you take legal action. 

Our goal is always to try and resolve the issue first by giving them enough time to respond before escalating the situation to court.   However, when it’s necessary we understand how important it is to ensure court orders and legal documents are prepared and served correctly.  We make sure we always follow through with each step from start to finish, serving relevant documents, taking note of the date and time of process serving and ensuring that due process is followed at all times.

Our team has over 25 years experience in process serving and having handled a large variety of cases, you can be assured your case will be managed by someone who has in depth knowledge of the process.

We have an extensive network of trusted partners providing comprehensive coverage for clients covering England and Wales.

  • Serving legal documents
  • Document retrieval
  • Filing court papers
  • Completing an Affidavit of Service