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Security Dog Handler

Highly Trained Security Dog Handlers

If you are worried that on-site security personnel will not be enough to prevent trespassers and vandals then our specialist security dog handling team could be the right choice for you.  The sight of a security dog padding alongside our employees alone is an effective way to deter criminals immediately. After all, evading a security guard is one thing but coming face to face with a security dog is another.

More importantly, dogs bring their acute array of senses to the table. Dogs have vastly more developed and powerful senses of smell and hearing, making it incredibly difficult to get past them. Unauthorised individuals who attempt to sneak into your property will find that our security dog handlers have already been alerted to their presence.

Working in tandem with our other security services, a dog handler and their furry friend make the perfect addition to keep your property safe.

All our personnel have received specialist and accredited dog handling training in keeping their animal companions in check, meaning they will not bother innocent passers-by. Our handlers are also work in tandem with their dogs, ensuring they protect one another as they defend your property.

Our employees use their training to ensure their dogs help them deter trespassers or provide ample warning of incoming individuals. Our security dog handlers and their canine companions make your property safer immediately from vandalism and other illicit activities.