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MS Webb & Co’s security guard services are ideal for securing vacant property against trespassers and squatters. We have been providing security solutions to our commercial clients for over 25 years and have the resources and experience to keep your property safe.

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We know exactly how important it is to be able to secure your property against trespassers: Squatters and travellers may set up camp without permission, making it difficult to reclaim your land or renovate your buildings. It is also common for criminals to strip the property of commodities such as metal and wiring, which can be expensive to replace or repair. Also, vandalism and littering can greatly lower the value of your property.


Let MS Webb & Co. handle the entire securing process for you. We can secure your property quickly and efficiently to prevent further trespassing and vandalism.


Our services:


Efficient, Effective Security


Our security services have competitive rates and may be customised according to your needs. Our guards will patrol the property and give you regular updates, and any agents or contractors allowed onto the premises must meet your terms and conditions first before we give them access. These measures will help to prevent unauthorised visits.


All of our security guards are Security Industry Authority (SIA) qualified — you can trust that we will only hire reliable, effective security officers with experience.


Quality Customer Service


MS Webb & Co. strives to provide quality security guard services/ securing vacant property for all types of property. We are available 24 hours a day and offer rapid response so that you can secure your assets and estate exactly when you need it most.


We have a network of dedicated bailiffs and agents, with extensive in-house information sources to provide you with full customer support.


As trusted security consultants, we always work with your best interests in mind and ensure that your terms are met. We can secure any size of commercial building, from small shops to large industrial complexes, as well as vacant lots.


Contact MS Webb & Co today to receive a quote. Fill out our authority to enforce form, and we will be happy to accommodate you.


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