Undercover Agents

Undercover Agents

MS Webb & Co.’s team of investigators are fully trained in surveillance techniques. Our team is backed by an extensive intelligence network, giving you reliable and efficient sources of information to cover your needs. We are surveillance and undercover agents that you can trust.


We have years of experience in the intelligence service and provide coverage throughout England and Wales. Founded in 1994, we have since established ourselves as reliable enforcement agents and security consultants. We formulate cost-effective solutions and execute them with no fuss.

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Undercover Surveillance Work


Our undercover and surveillance work is suitable for a range of applications, including debtor tracing and process serving.


We work with:


Reliable, responsible and efficient, our surveillance and undercover agents work within the boundaries of UK law and have a range of resources at their disposal.


Efficient Surveillance and Undercover Work


Our surveillance and undercover agents use a wide range of techniques to collect information for you. We will provide you with a full written report, including surveillance logs, videos and photographic evidence. We use the latest equipment to gather clear, corroborating evidence.


Surveillance is suitable for a number of different situations. In addition to debtor tracing and process serving, we can also provide covert surveillance for insurance claims, fraudulent accident claims, disputes, complaints, vandalism, matrimonial issues and more.


Surveillance is needed for any case where there is uncertainty and evidence is required. We understand that surveillance requires a combination of patience, dedication and experience so that we can help you gather the evidence that you need to make your case.


Here at MS Webb & Co., we can help you observe and track down any illegal or unauthorised activity. We come up with practical, innovative solutions so that we can get you the best possible results. We compile and submit reports promptly.


MS Webb & Co. pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to our clients. Our representatives are available 24/7 and respond rapidly.  We can act when you need it most.


Contact us today for more information. We can advise you on the best course of action to take.


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