Traveller Eviction

Traveller Eviction

MS Webb & Co. helps protect your assets with traveller eviction services. Our team is understanding and approachable, listening to your concerns and acting upon them in a quick and professional manner. Evicting travellers from private land will be handled sensitively and efficiently.


We understand how important it is to protect your property from unauthorised occupants. Whether you have a vacant lot, an unused commercial building, or an empty house up for demolishing, you have the right to evict travellers from the premises according to Common Law.

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Evicting trespassers on your property can be a potentially dangerous situation, especially if they refuse to leave the premises despite warnings. As trusted bailiffs with over 25 years of experience under our belt, we have the skills and resources needed in removing travellers from private land. You can be sure that eviction will be effective and swift.


Our services include:


We work quickly, responding within 24 hours to come to your aid. Our service will keep your property clean and secure.


Traveller and Squatter Eviction


MS Webb & Co. can help you reclaim your land from travellers. Travellers may camp illegally on your property using tents, caravans or trailers. Not only are they using land that isn’t theirs, but they may also leave litter or vandalise structures.


Squatters on the other hand, often occupy a building illegally. In some cases, they may even hide more serious illegal activities within your walls.


At MS Webb & Co., we handle evictions swiftly and professionally. As much as possible, we try to resolve the matter in a peaceable way — we serve notice on the same day, which should give the illegal occupants enough time to vacate the premises.

We inform the local authorities and work with them to keep the situation under control. After making them fully aware of the situation, we carry out the eviction on the next morning at the given time.


We handle all aspects of the eviction process, including security measures and the arranging of tow trucks and backup support.


After we clear the area, we will also handle the clean-up process and fortification of your property, to prevent future occurrences of trespassing and squatting.


We cover the whole of the UK including:



Keep unwanted occupants out of your property and contact MS Webb & Co. today. We are standing by, waiting to carry out your instructions.



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