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Traveller Eviction

Traveller Eviction

We understand how important it is to protect your property from unauthorised occupants. Whether you have a vacant lot, an unused commercial building, or an empty house up for demolishing, you have the right to evict travellers from premises according to Common Law.

Travellers always arrive without warning, setting up camp illegally on your property with caravans, trailers and tents.  They often arrive in large groups, can be intimidating to approach and refuse to leave despite repeated warnings . When they do eventually move on they often leave litter and vandalised structures behind them.

In our experience, successfully evicting travellers from private land requires understanding and sensitive handling.  Our position is to always treat others with respect while acting within the law.

We handle all aspects of the eviction process from arranging tow trucks, security and back up support.  We clear the area, handle any necessary clean-up and fortification of your property to prevent future occurrences of trespassing and squatting.

  • Eviction of illegal occupants
  • Clean up of sites
  • Fly-tipping removal
  • Provision of security guards and dogs if appropriate