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Empty lots and buildings, remote car parks and other vacant establishments are vulnerable to theft, vandalism and other kinds of damage made by trespassers. Though property owners recognise this, many cannot afford the full-time manned guarding of their land.


MS Webb & Co. provides a solution to this challenge with our vacant or void property inspection service. It is a cost-effective way to make sure no one squats and damages your unoccupied property. Our security agents perform site inspections as often as needed, whether it’s once a month or several times a day.

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The Importance of Void Property Inspection


There are two main reasons vacant property inspections are important: insurance and duty of care.




As a property owner, building and contents insurance is essential. You must comply with your insurance company’s mandatory requirements regarding taking care of your insured property. One of these requirements is informing them that your property is going to be vacant for a specified period. It includes taking necessary steps to keep the property secure, such as regular inspection. These steps are essential to insurers because they recognise that vacant properties are more vulnerable to damage.


Duty of Care


Apart from insurance, you must comply with your duty of care as a property owner. It means ensuring that any visitors to your property, whether it’s commercial or residential, are not placed at risk. These visitors, unfortunately, include burglars, squatters and other unauthorised persons. If they get injured on your property because of the building’s poor maintenance, you’ll be facing lawsuits—regardless of their unlawful stay in your premises.


MS Webb & Co.’s Void Property Inspection


As a leading provider of security services in England and Wales, MS Webb & Co. is an expert in property inspection. Our experienced security officers and bailiffs perform routine checks that meet your insurance obligations. You may comply with your duty of care and keep your property safe and secure with our help. All of these services are rolled into one cost-effective package.


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