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In some instances, landlords and property owners may have a reason to evict tenants. Some tenants, however, fail to understand this and refuse to vacate the rental property. It can cause undue emotional and financial stress to landlords.


In association with our Authorising High Court Enforcement Officer, MS Webb & Co. will help you exercise your right as the landlord or property owner with our Writ of Possession enforcement service. Through this, our High Court enforcement agent will execute the writ, evicting annoying tenants from your property.


M S Webb & Company Ltd are proud enforcement providers of HCEO Ltd and Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer Mr Morgan Sheldon.

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Sometimes, tenants fail to pay their monthly dues, or they break other terms of tenancy, forcing you to ask them to leave. If they continue to remain on your property even after you’ve implemented proper eviction procedures, such as notifying them of violating tenancy terms and giving them notice to vacate the property, you may file for a possession order at the county court.


Note that tenants may ignore the possession order. In this case, you may ask the presiding judge to allow the transfer of enforcement from the county court to the High Court. When the transfer happens, a Writ of Possession will be issued, and a High Court enforcement agent will deal with the eviction of your tenants.


MS Webb & Co.’s experienced High Court enforcement agents will execute the Writ of Possession swiftly and effectively. Our Writ of Possession service includes:


The Advantages of Enforcing Writ of Possession


The services of MS Webb & Co.’s High Court enforcement agents will help you:


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MS Webb & Co. has more than 25 years of experience providing bailiff services across England and Wales. As such, it can expertly repossess your property and remove unlawful tenants quickly and peacefully.


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