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All over the UK, travellers in caravans settle on private land. Some unauthorised occupants enter and leave private properties peacefully without the need for intervention. In some cases, however, eviction is necessary.

Your first instinct, as the landowner, may be to deal with the situation on your own. But this creates risks to your safety and property.

The Possible Dangers

Confronting a traveller can lead to unpredictable consequences. For example, around sixteen groups of travellers ignored an eviction notice from the police at Farnham Leisure Centre in Surrey. Their caravans were spotted in the car park by members of the public. They complained that the travellers were using the car park as a toilet. The travellers eventually moved on after much time and effort by the police and local authorities.

In south east London, travellers stayed a fortnight at a site in Bromley. They moved on from the field after a confrontation with the landlord and didn’t take their rubbish with them. The owners were left with a £100 thousand bill to remove piles of mattresses, fridges, bricks and wood. The most controversial incident involved a violent group in Taunton, Somerset. The footage from the confrontation revealed that a man hurled insults and threatened bailiffs with a wooden bat during a five-hour eviction.

Talk to Professionals

Bailiffs handle eviction cases on a day-to-day basis. They are trained to deal with threats and aggression from travellers in accordance with the law on evictions, ensuring their clients are kept safe from harm.

Your security is our priority. To minimise the threats to your safety and to lessen damage to your property, contact eviction professionals to handle the situation in a sensitive and efficient manner. MS Webb & Co. has a team of understanding and approachable professionals who have years of experience in evicting travellers from private land.

Protect your assets and your loved ones. Browse through our website to learn more, or contact us on 0844 544 4804 today.

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